Slights, mistakes, embarrassments, mishaps, catastrophes. Are these matters flooding your thoughts? Is your self-esteem in the rest room? Have you stopped to inquire on your own why?

Here’s the cause — COVID-19 is accomplishing a selection on our mind.

Pre-COVID, we experienced a million distractions. It was safe to roam the earth. You could go to a retail store for a small procuring without fearing for your lifetime. You could venture out to a cafe and have a food cooked for you. Heck, you could even acquire your kid to a drama course, which is now staying taught by using ZOOM conferences.

Due to the fact March of 2020, there are just less things to do to take out mind off our distress. Our previous foibles bubble up like sewage.  We sit in our living rooms and ruminate about the past.  

Like the time the huge cocktail meatball dropped off the toothpick and onto my silk blouse at my husband’s recognition dinner for his 25 a long time of company on the work.  

All those country club functions I was never invited to. The attendees posted the images on Facebook. Anyone there appeared so satisfied and sane. No just one was carrying a mask. 

The night time my psychiatrist of 20 decades retired, and I went to the retirement dinner. Just one of the organizers of the occasion approached me and questioned me if I “was the affected person?” She didn’t use my title she just stated “Are you the affected individual?”  

Not liking to be identified as “the patient,” I reported “No.”  

“Well, who are you?” she requested.  

“I’m a buddy.”  

It did not end there. The organizer brought my psychiatrist’s small children above to concern me additional.  

“How extended have you recognised my father?” the daughter asked.  

“20 a long time,” I mentioned. Then, realizing I could not continue to keep up the charade, I claimed, “I’m the affected person.” Discuss about uncomfortable.

After I was promoting tee-shirts at the Joyce Theater in NY, and I tripped heading up the theater stairs in the course of the functionality, slipping flat on my experience.

The time an over weight teenager double-bounced me on a trampoline and I flew up into the air, landing on my ankle. Crack. It was damaged. Forged for months. That was the conclusion of my dance profession.

That time I was fired from a fantastic position as an electronic mail administrator simply because I was typing a resume on the corporation computer system. Can you say stupid?

One more time I was fired — I was encouraging a university student to build a gay character (his concept) in a story, but the college where I was educating forbade homosexuality.

Peace Study in Oslo, Norway. I went all the way around to Scandinavia to take a class on Conflict resolution. I did not fork out attention to the facts of the class that had been introduced and did not know there was a extensive check at the stop of the course. Guess what? I unsuccessful Peace.

Then, there was the time my faculty French trainer informed me to “just discuss English.” This harm my thoughts and I burst out crying.  I experienced to run out of the classroom. I went to the rest room and splashed drinking water on my face. Then, I understood I experienced to go back again into the area. I went in quietly and reported, “That was not the only issue I was crying about.”

He claimed, “Well, of training course not.”

These matters may well feel small to you, but to me they are humiliating, painful and unforgettable, specifically for the duration of COVID-19.

I wager you’re assembling your list of mishaps and catastrophes at this very minute.

What are we becoming? Neurotic, susceptible, guilt-ridden creatures.

But is this an exact edition of reality? No.  

You are a deserving person who comes about to be residing in a planet pandemic. Never forget this. COVID-19 is having our mind.

The cure? Seek out enjoyment. Have a barbecue. Hire a canoe. Acquire a stitching course. Plant a marigold. Try to eat a pomegranate.

Get out of your head. Cell phone a shut-in relative. Go through a Common. Discover hen phone calls. Have a small celebration, but have on masks and preserve social length. Submit the images on Fb, saying “Everyone had a charming time.”

Soon after all, we have all created blunders, set our foot in our mouth, acted childishly, fallen down.  

Perhaps what COVID-19 can in the long run display us is that we’re all human.

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